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Nicolas CURTI’s Biography



Born in 1977 in a family of musicians, Nicolas Curti studied at the Superior Commercial School of Geneva. 

Since he was 7 years old, he’s followed the Drums lecons, and the F. Volpé percussion courses at the Popularly Percussion Conservatory of Geneva.

Afterwards he attended the W. Blank, Y. Brustaux and J. Geoffroy classes at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Geneva, where he obtained, in 1999, his Percussion Diploma. 

With pride, Nicolas joined, in 2001, the World Young Orchestra of Musical Youth, representing Switzerland, and having among others, Rayner Seegers as coach (Timpanist Philharmony of Berlin). 

In 2006, he is the prizewiner of the first International Timpani Competition of Lyon (France). (

He fullfilled as Supplementary Percussionnist of orchestra, the following:

To name some, he played conducted by: Ph. Béran, T. Ceccherini, M. Corboz, J-M. Curti, P. Davin, H. Holliger, M. Horvat, M. Janowski, A. Jordan, A. Lazarev, J. Levine, F. Luisi, M. Plasson, J. Semkow, P. Steinberg, Li Xincao, N. Yärvi in the following : 

  • Victoria Hall and Grand Théâtre of Geneva

  • Beaulieu Theatre (Lausanne, CH)

  • Bonlieu (Annecy, France)

  • Arsenal (Metz, France)

  • Auditorium of Dijon and Lyon (France)

  • Auditorium Stravinsky (Montreux / CH)

  • Cité de la Musique (Paris)

  • Chaise-Dieu and Festival Berlioz (France)

  • Concert Hall (Beijing)

  • KKL (Luzern CH)

  • Concertgebow (Amsterdam)

  • Konzert Haus and Philharmonie (Berlin)

He was as well involved in many productions of the CIP (International Center of Percussion in Geneva). He played, Persephassa and Les Pléiades of I. Xenakis, with Steven Schick. (Geneva; Expo ’02), Sextet of S. Reich, in 2007. 

As a solist he played in 2002, « Résonances chinoises », of B. Chen (recording by DRS-2 in Bern), and in 2004, « La Puerta del Diablo » of A. Corrales (Victoria Hall of Geneva). Actually, He’s member of the Dialog Ensemble to play the new music for Percussion and Pipa, with the European and Chinese composer. 

From 1996 to 2005, N. Curti was Titulary Timpanist of the Opera-Studio Orchestra of Geneva and the European Musicians Orchestra (in Bruxells) 

He participated to many tours (Japan, China, India, Oman, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, Italy, France…). 

Timpanist of the International Orchestra of Geneva, and Member of Orchestratus Genevensis and of the EBL (Leman Baroque Ensemble), he is as well the Timpanist substitute since 2006 of:

From 2002 to 2007, he was the solo timpanist of the Swiss Army Symphonic Wind Orchestra. 

He improves his skill as timpanist on old instruments (true animal skin) attending Benoît Cambreling (timpanist solo of the National Orchestra of Lyon - France) courses and Marinus Komst (timpanist solo of the Concertgebow Orchestra – Amsterdam) recomandations.

Since 1996, Nicolas Curti is teaching percussion in several music schools in Geneva, among which Geneva PERCUVISION, Percussion Center he started in 2002, aiming as an approach to communicate his passion. 

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